7 - 05 - 2005 - Our new album is available at The Exclusive Company!

  Please check out our album at a very cool store in Appleton called The Exclusive Company.  Thanks for supporting local music!



 The Exclusive Company

770 W Northland Ave
Appleton, WI

(920) 731-6010 Map

6-29-2005 - CD Available at Stores in Stevens Point and Appleton!

Our new album Mushroom Cloud is available in the following stores:    

Enfant Terrible,
1201 Main St,
Stevens Point, WI
(715) 342-0904 Map

Wee-Bee C D's,
925 Clark St,
Stevens Point, WI
(715) 342-1446 Map

CD Plus,
621 W Northland Ave,
Appleton, WI
(920) 993-8328 Map

  Stay tuned, our CD will be available at CDs will also be available at stores in Wausau and Wisconsin Rapids.  


6-24-2005 - Got Kegs?

  GREETINGS FELLOW SCALLYWAGS! Our friend Karl is throwing the party of a lifetime. This party (code named The Super Fantastic Summer Celebration) is free to attend with an optional additional beverage expense. E-mail or call Karl (, (715) 413-1231) for directions! We will be playing at 10pm to whenever! After us will be legendary 5 Bullet Roulette with their onslaught of modern tones.  

  If you're not there we'll know about it; so you better show up! Come on out and get "annihilated" with us. And for those of you not 21; Austin will be selling top-shelf crackers and ginger ale our of his gargantuan backpack.  

The TOW Crusaders

4-8-05 - 95.5 WIFC Debut a success!

Thanks to everyone who listened and helped make our debut a success. You may now request our song Mushroom Cloud on 95.5 WIFC. Please call  1.800.998.WIFC and tell them to JAM IT! We really appreciate it!

Make sure to come check out our show at Bernards tonight.  It's going to be a great time with 5 AWESOME bands.  Hope to see everyone!

4-7-05 - THURSDAY

     95.5 WIFC will be playing our new song "Mushroom Cloud" tonight (Thursday) at 7pm for Slam It or Jam It. Make sure to call in ( Studio: 715.842.9432 | 1.800.998.WIFC) to let them know what you think!

     More shows are being posted; check them out!


      We are all back in Wisconsin safe and sound.  We’d like to thank everyone at Yellow Dog Studios (  .  They all did a tremendous job.  We had a great time painting the town red and hanging out with Jimmy, Dave, and Travis.  We’d also like to thank Ben and Wayne.  You can check out our first single “Mushroom Cloud” at .


     Yesterday we were lucky enough to get our starter replaced and now our vehicle is running smoothly.  We arrived at the studio and met our new friends  We were set up by 9pm and recorded some material.  At midnight we left to get some shut eye before we begin working 15+ hour days.  We are all super excited to start tracking today.  I will be uploading some videos into and posting them in our news section when we have time.

 - Tristan


      We departed Stevens Point around 11am.  Making short stops for gas we made our way to Tulsa, OK at 3AM.  Unfortunately, as soon as we got our essentials from the truck it refused to start.  We stayed up for the T.O.W. truck (no pun intended) to deliver our vehicle to the dealer for a late night drop off.  We are now waiting for our starter to be replaced so we can haul our gear to the studio. 


    Our time has been spent slumbering and lounging around the pool among mixed company.  At Adam’s request, we are going to be having a “nice brunch.”  We will be posting videos from the road and the studio today.  Wish us luck (in getting to the studio that is). 




     It has been two years since Tree of Woe formed as a four piece band and released their debut album Withered Oak.  As of today, Tree of Woe journeys to Yellow Dog Studios in Tulsa, OK to record their second album Horizon (Darkness to Light).


     This new album will be GREAT!.


    Expect a studio journal complete with pictures, audio, and video footage of the entire journey.  Make sure to check our website often in the next few days so you can enjoy new media.


    We have also updated our media section with new photographs taken recently.  Check us out on as well!


Tree of Woe


     We are pleased to announce we will be throwing a show at Bernards with our friends from Silik, Planet of 9 and Snooky on Friday, April 8th.  This is the show to see!  We may be adding a national act to the roster as well.  We will post more details as they become available.



     We are proud to welcome you to WWW.TREEOFWOE.COM!!!!  Our e-mails at are now functioning properly.  We apologize if you sent us e-mail that didn't get through while we were down.  Thanks for all your patience!  Soon we will be updating our site with new pictures and dates.  Check back soon!



     We are excited to announce we have finally become WWW.TREEOFWOE.COM!!!!!  We are still experiencing problems with so please use!  Our e-mail will be back up within the week.



     We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our Web Page and e-mail. Please direct any correspondence to (e-mail removed). We should be back up and running by tomorrow evening!






     Take notice! Our date at Brewed Awakenings has been moved from Friday to Saturday. Indeed, we will be playing on Saturday, January 29th at 7:30. Make sure to check this show out; we will be playing a full band acoustic set with some surprises in store!




     Our show at the Mission Coffee House has been canceled. More dates are coming soon!




     Shirts and CDs have arrived at Enfant Terrible Located on 1201 Main Street in beautiful downtown Stevens Point, Enfant Terrible.  Stop down or you may internally combust instantly!



From the darkness a sparrow of light flies; shimmering in the gleaming light with intentions to outrun that which is inevitable. The ground shakes as evil grows ever nearer to the lands. Alas, the epic is approaching. I can see it along the horizon, the setting sun is bringing Darkness to light,......

     Alas, the epic is approaching,......

From the darkness a sparrow of light flies; shimmering in the gleaming light with intentions to outrun that which is inevitable. The ground shakes as evil grows ever nearer to the lands. Alas, the epic is approaching. I can see it along the horizon, the setting sun is bringing Darkness to light.


* Show at 324 Live Canceled *

Regrettably we had to cancel our show on October 23rd @ 324 Live. We apologize for the inconvenience. It is odd how everything pans out. A few days after we canceled we received separate e-mails from Dirge and Remember the Day saying they also had to cancel for different reasons. It looks like some great evil blocks our advance on the Lacrosse area, but we will hopefully be able to get another show together around the area.


Tree of Woe


Greetings and Salutations fine folk of old,

I hope this announcement finds everyone in good health and in the company of friends. We are privileged to announce that we will be playing an acoustic set opening for east coast recording artist Emelia Dahlin at 8PM on Friday, October 8th at UWSP-Encore inside the University Center. Admission will be free for UWSP students and $3 for everyone else. This show will bring new audio/visual experiences to those in attendance. We will be formally introducing another musician who will be joining us for the evening and two new instruments of the finest quality will be also be introduced. In addition to this fine news we are now offering new t-shirts and stickers for sale in addition to our debut album which is currently on its third run of duplication. Come on over to the Encore and join us for tea and crumpets.


The league of gentlemen aligned with the Tree of Woe


Hello Everyone,

We're back on the "Rock the Lodge" show at the Wausau Elk's Lodge tomorrow @ 6:10PM.  We'll be playing a hardcore acoustic set; HARDCORE.   Adam like trains.


- Tree of Woe


Hello Everyone,

We had some scheduling conflicts of late and had to pull out of the "Rock the Lodge" show. It's still going to be a great show so you should all check it out. Some of us may be there regardless of us not playing.


- Tree of Woe


Hello Everyone,

     Tree of Woe will be performing two very special acoustic shows this weekend. After over a year Tree of Woe is bringing it back to the basics with Austin and Tristan taking up their fallen acoustic guitars and performing at Riverfront Rendezvous this Saturday, July 3rd at 1:40pm. Taking the stage also will be Silik, Shattered Red, and several other worthy acts. Also, Austin and Tristan will take the stage at the Rock Island Resort in Merrill, WI at 5:300PM. This will be a special 90-minute performance that will showcase them playing selections from a four year song catalogue of mostly unreleased material. This probably will never come along again, so check this show out! We will have more details and directions to the show added to our shows page soon! Also, we’d like to welcome back Luke from his brief hiatus! We will be adding more dates soon to give everybody a chance check out Tree of Woe in its new format. Good things are on the “horizon.”

- Tree of Woe


The Update


Hello Everyone,

     Tree of Woe is currently re-defining its sound and working on new material along with bringing back old material we've neglected in past shows. Were adding additional musical instruments to our line-up taking advantage of Tristan's classical piano training and also experimenting with other 4 stringed instruments. Expect something that's new but "classic Tree of Woe" along with a new demo we plan on releasing this summer. Tree of Woe plans on doing something different then the typical Hard Rock show you'd normally see. Stay tuned to our summer and fall gigs, we will be posting them soon.



The Update


     We have been away for a while.  During the last weeks we canceled our show in Milwaukee at Quarters.  During the last weeks Vince made his final voyage with the T.O.W. Crew.    We were honored to have him for his tenure and wish him good luck in future endeavors!

     But enough of bad news, for only weeks without a bass player went by with Tree of Woe's future unknown.  Alas, a new member has joined the ranks of Tree of Woe; who is this member that we speak of?  How many members will constitute the new Tree of Woe?  Will there be an unknown addition?  All will soon be told as the new incarnation of Tree of Woe emerges from the ashes of the old.



Hey Everybody! 

Our debut album is now available at Enfant Terrible.  Enfant Terrible is Stevens Point's premier clothing and band shirt headquarters.  Located on 1201 Main Street in beautiful downtown Stevens Point, Enfant Terrible features a kick ass selection of band shirts, hats, hair dyes, earrings, incense, and more.  Stop down or you may internally combust instantly!

We're playing some awesome shows in the next couple weeks.  They are:

 Friday, March 12th @ The Mainstage - Green Bay, WI - 9PM/21+ w/Silik and A Lesser Existence, $3 Cover w/Free Shot

 Saturday, March 20th,  2004 @ Luther's French Quarter Cafe, Madison, WI 9PM $5/21+ w/Sand

 Due to our lack of a permanent bassist we will be playing a few less shows than usual for a while.  Brad Nelson has been kind enough to agree to fill in for Vince until we find a permanent bassist. 

 If you're interested in playing bass for Tree of Woe, send an e-mail to and we'll set up an audition time!




Z104.1 Radio Interview tonight at 9PM

Tree of Woe will appear on Z104.1 at 9PM Thursday, tonight for their Naked a Nine program.  Tune in and see what happens!

We'd like to thank everyone that cam out to the recent shows in Milwaukee and Stevens Point!  You made us feel all warm and fuzzy!

Make sure to check the message board for continual conversation and Tree of Woe happenings!  Check our media  and you will find some brand new tracks recorded Live at the Mission Coffee House and Witz End that until now were unreleased (and not on our debut album).

We're still looking for a bass player, so if you'd like to audition send us an e-mail!

- Tree of Woe


Tree of Woe begins searching for a new bass player,........

     We are currently looking for a talented bass player; if you'd like to audition for Tree of Woe, please contact us.  Vince has decided to part ways with Tree of Woe to pursue other artistic endeavors. 

     We'd like to thank all who came to the show on new years eve; we had a lot of fun.  We'd like to thank A Lesser Existence and Shattered Red for playing.

- Tree of Woe




The rumors are true.  Tree of Woe will be hosting an ALL AGES out-of-control rock bash at Johnny T's, December 31st at 7PM.  This will be the biggest party of the year.  We're going to rock the roof off of Johnny T's.  Joining us will be Silik and A Lesser Existence with other guests pending!

This is going to be the rock blowout of the year.  If you're not ready to party you better just stay home and go to bed early!!!!!!!

YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Tree of Woe Crew



Alas, the debut album 'Withered Oak' can be purchased from our select merchant  Such a thing is not meant to last, order your copy today!

- Tree of Woe


Awesome Shows

     Thanks for coming out everyone!  We'd like to thank Rich from Icon Entertainment and Sunspot; you guys kick ass!

    Shortly our album will be available online (sometime early this week).  Stay glued to the website; soon a merch page will be added.


The Tree of Woe Squad


Thanks for a winning week on WIFC......

      We'd like to thank everyone for giving your votes online and over the phones.  We couldn't have won without online support from our fans! 

We love you!

Tree of Woe


WIFC 95.5

Hello Everyone,

     We'll be on WIFC tonight at 8PM with our song "Dream" off our debut album "Withered Oak."  Make sure to go here to vote online or call (Studio: 715.842.9432 1.800.998.WIFC).  We need all the votes we can get so we can slay the pop infedels!

Tree of Woe


Great Shows


     We'd like to thank Brad and Rich at Luther's Blues, Blues at the Anchor Inn, and everyone for coming out to our last few shows.  Thank you for making them the best shows we've played!

     We'd also like to give props to the Bulldogs for dominating the air waves on 95.5 WIFC.  They kicked some major corporate buttock last week! Check out their website.  Also, make sure to stay tuned all next week at 8PM on 95.5 WIFC; for we shall make our valiant return to the airwaves to slaughter the pop infidels!  Make sure to vote online and on the phone (Studio: 715.842.9432 1.800.998.WIFC) ; your votes count!

     Also, make sure not to miss our show on Halloween at Cafe Le Grand in Wausau with the legendary Silik.  It will be a bash that will rival all bashes.  All those dressed up for the show will be applauded and possible rewarded.  Also, there will be no dressing up as nudists this year, unless you meet the criteria specified by the band (please send photos here)

   Now I know there have been rumors going around; as far as what we are going to be dressed as.  Some have said that Vince will be dressed up as a big mushroom.  Some have even been so BOLD as to say that Adam will be dressed up like an emo kid.  We assure you; the rumors are all lies!  We're all dressing up like pecans and cashews you fools,....  :)


Tree of  Woe

P.S.  The radio show was cancelled due to  issues which caused the cancellation of the first show.  We are going to be rescheduling for sometime in December.  We'd like to thank Z104 and wish them luck in their search for new DJs.  You guys rock!  Be sure to keep checkout in the future to find out when we'll be rocking the air waves in December.


Radio Show Canceled and Rescheduled

Unfortunatly for those tuning in to Z104 at 9PM you did not hear the promised Tree of Woe assault. Due to unforseen circumstances Z104 has cancelled the show and rescheduled for late October. We're sorry this happened, but we promise you will hear the fury next month!

The Tree of Woe Camp



    There are several ways to get our album.  You can get them at shows (for $5), at WeeBees CDs (for 10.99), or from us personally (for $10).  Soon there will be a new option.  Check out our merchandise at BandMecca, where soon you will be able to buy our album online.

Tree of Woe




     This weekend we had an incredible response.  All the shows went unbelievably.  We'd like to thank everyone for coming out and spending your time with us.

     We'd also like to thank Cole and Gary L. for helping out with everything from vehicles to physical labor. 

    Also, our song NAME was played on 95.5 WIFC Friday evening.  We'd like to thank WIFC for playing our music.  We'd also like to adamantly encourage everyone to call in and request our song Name(Studio: 715.842.9432

.  We were put up against stiff pop compitition in an epic radio battle against Nick Lachey, of 98 Degrees.  Although we did not leave the battlefield victorious, we believe we put up a good fight against the pop infidels!  Please give WIFC your e-mails and calls telling them that you want to hear some local music for a change!  We appreciate your continuing support of live music!

The T.O.W. Chain Gang



     You can tune into Z104.1 on Thursday, September 25th at 9PM and here us at our first live radio interview!  We will be performing a few songs acoustically on the air, answering questions, and listening to songs off the new album "Withered Oak".  Don't miss it!

     We also took a little break from playing shows, but now we're back in action suckas!   Many dates have been added; venues all over the state.  Check out the SHOWS section for all the details.

     Until then, get your butts over to WeeBees CD's in Stevens Point and buy our album if you haven't already!

Tree of Woe



     The shows at From the Ground Up and Scott Street Pub were a success.   We'd like to thank Scott Street Pub and From the Ground Up for inviting us to play.  We'd also like to thank everyone for showing up and being safe!

Tree of Woe


Good Evening,

     We'd like to thank everyone that came out to  the shows during the last few weeks.  We'd also like to thank The Mission Coffee House, The Midwest Renewable Energy Association, Coral Lanes, Z104, Fox 55 and Jerry's Music.  In addition we'd like to thank Silik for their last minute invitation to play a surprise show at Players in Wausau on June 28th (few were there, but it was still a pleasure!)

   As many are aware, there has been talk of our album coming out on July 11th.  Just remember, this is a temporary release date.  There have been some hang ups with duplication so we might not be able to hit the target date.  We'll keep you all posted on what's happening in the Tree of Woe camp!

Tree of Woe


The Studio

Hey All!,

    We are just finishing up our full length demo in the studio.  Check out the new message board!  It's pretty kick ass; as they'll be messages and stuff ;)  Anyway, we'd like to thank everyone who supported us and made our demo possible:

    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wachowiak (for unbelievable support and letting us practice in their shed at the expense of grumpy neighbors; without you guys; we'd be screwed!), Mr. and Mrs. Gary Laszewski (we love you, and thanks for the money and loving support!) , The Rodewalds (new cymbals will shine through until eternity; and for that; we're eternally grateful!  Drums!  Crash! Ride! BANG BANG BANG!), Brooke (and Lily) Laszewski (For roughing out the lonely nights without her hubby and for  her moral support of the band; we love you brooke!), Sleepless Nights Recording Studio (You guys kick major ass; do you mind if we borrow some equipment?  lol j/k!), Jason Petitt (dude you're a soldier, you put up with more bull crap than a cattle farm), Cory at Good and Loud Music (for providing killer setups and helping us keep our guitars in mad condition) , Joel Shanahan (for the excellent recommendation and advice), Sean Mulligan (for being a great friend and helping us with our P.A.; the sunns shine so; they blind us;) and everyone that I've forgot to mention in my late night updates; thank you!

   Now for some good news; we'll be brining out or new demo and t-shirts on June 20th at the Mission Coffee House.  This show is going to be one massive party with the unbelievable Corey's Falling and the bad ass Bulldogs.  Also; we've added a show at the Half Moon Bar in Mosinee with our friends from Silik; you guys are laying down the hard ass like it's going out of style.  You definitely won't want to miss these upcoming shows; because there's a small chance that if you do; you may die instantly!

The T.O.W. Crew


The Scoop

     How are you all doing?  It's an exciting time for the band right now because we're going into Sleepless Nights Recording Studio in Madison next month to record our first album.  It should be done in June sometime.  We'll be be tentatively releasing the new album on June 20th when we play our show at the legendary Mission Coffee House in Stevens Point, WI.

   We should be announcing more dates in May and throughout the summer!  We hope you come see us at NTC on Thursday for a rocking good time.  Stay tuned for more updates and shows.



Hey All,

     We just wanted to let everyone know that we will be heading into the studio this spring to start recording our demo/debut album.  We'd like to thank everyone that has been behind us and supported us thus far.  The list of names is very long!

    Anyway, we've got a show every month through July and are looking to give you more chances to come and see us live!  Keep checking back every week; more shows are being added every week.



What's Up?

     We would like to thank everyone that came out to our first show and helped make it a success.  We'd also like to thank Phil for agreeing to drum for us on such short notice!

      Stay tuned to our shows section.  We will be playing "Spring Fling" at Northcentral Technical College on Thursday, May 1st at 1PM.  Come check it out!



Hey All!,

This is Tristan, and we've got some excitement coming your way.  Check the "SHOWS" section for upcoming gigs. 

We're going to be distributing our "jam demo" at the show for $4 a copy,.............. what a deal!

We've been playing all together now for about two months as a four piece; Vince came on board 4 months ago (our bassist) and adam about two months ago; and now we're jamming hardcore!

We're looking forward to playing some shows coming up.  We should be playing "the mission" sometime in may; and witz end sometime next month; so check it out!

For a demo, to book us, or if you're just lonely; e-mail me:

I'll respond as soon as humanly possible without having a brain aneurysm!