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1. Mushroom Cloud
2. Setting Sun
3. Belong
4. Drown
5. Blind
6. Your Faith
7. Setting Sun (Acoustic Demo)
8. Mushroom Cloud (Acoustic Demo)

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Please request Mushroom Cloud on the following radio stations:


89.9 WWSP

(Stevens Point, WI).

REQUEST: (715) 346-2696


104.9 WKQH

(Stevens Point, WI)

REQUEST: (715) 342-1049


104.1 WMZK

(Wausau, WI)

REQUEST: (715) 536-1041


89.7 KUMM

(U.  Minnesota)

(320) 589-6355

 106.9 KROC (Rochester, MN)

(507) 281-2400

107.5 WCCN (Eau Claire, WI)

(715) 743-3333

WFPR (U. Wisconsin Green Bay) 

89.1 WIDR (West Michigan University)



107.5 KARZ (Marshall, MN)

REQUEST: (507) 532-3984


95.5 WIFC (Wausau, WI)

REQUEST: 1.800.998.WIFC





Austin and myself are looking forward to playing out this summer.  We're going to hit the road with a few acoustic guitars and a twinkle in our eye.  Looking forward to seeing some old faces and meeting some new ones.



Something stirs in the woods.  The beast slumbers, but how much longer?  Will he be awoken?  The trees weep.  Will the beast awaken once again?


Tree of Woe Officially Endorses Root Beer Keg Parties

We would like to inform you at this time that we officially endorse root beer keg parties. Click here to check out this video for a laugh.


Another new show is posted in the Tour section. We are excited to be playing with Unsung Hero and Octopus at the reopened RockWater.

I remember going to the RockWater Cafe back in the day when it was open in downtown Wausau. The new RockWater is better than ever; super cool venue. We hope you'll come out and see our first "real gig" in quite a while on April 26th. Doors open at 6PM.




New shows are posted in the "Tour" section. Go check em out. We hope to see some familiar faces in the next few months.




Good Day!

It's a new year and we're still here. Plans to book shows are moving forward. More to come soon! In the meantime, check out our Myspace Page and listen to some tunes.





Good Afternoon,

We are getting excited to start booking shows for late fall/early winter. We can't wait to start playing again and possibly return to areas we've not played in a long time. We're also looking at expanding into bigger markets.

We are currently working on some new songs and hope to start recording early next year. Make sure to keep in touch with us on our Myspace Page




Good Evening!

We are proud to release our first video. This includes our performance from last night and interviews.

WARNING: This video contains adult language and is not suitable or younger viewers. View at your own risk.

CLICK THIS LINK TO WATCH THE VIDEO (or Right-Click and 'Save As')




Good Afternoon,

We have awesome news; we have advanced to the final round of the "Next Great Wisconsin Band" competition. The show starts tonight at 7:30PM at the Rose Garden in Wausau, WI and is free! Here is the address:

The Rose Garden
131 W Thomas St
Wausau, WI 54401
(715) 843-7673

We need your support now more than ever; crowd reaction will be a big factor tonight! We hope to see all of you there! We start at 8PM sharp!



Good Afternoon!

For inquiring minds who want to know our show at the New Moon Cafe has been moved to the following weekend. We will be performing with Ryan Romensko on Saturday, March 17th at 7:30PM. Cover will be low so come grab a quality cup of java and prepare for quality originals!!




Good Morning,

We are very excited to be playing at the Mission Coffee House and New Moon Cafe next month. There are more shows in planning that may involve opening for one of our all time favorite bands.

If you haven't made plans to see Caroline's Spine on the midwest leg of their winter tour then you are so last week. Check out their website at http://www.carolinespine.com. They will be playing in Appleton tonight at Mill Creek Blues, in Madison tomorrow at High Noon Saloon and in La Crosse on Saturday at Loons (where we opened for them last time they were there).

More to come soon; keep checking back and stay safe out there!




Hello Tree of Woe listeners,

Things are starting up for Tree of Woe again. We have some exciting news on a new addition to the band so check back soon here.....or on our Myspace page. We are going to start playing shows again and unleash some of our new songs that we haven't played live yet. We miss all of you very much and will see you sometime soon.

-Tree of Woe Crew

P.S. On a side note...the rumors regarding us touring with Air Supply and Savage Garden are NOT true and no, were not going to become an AIR SUPPLY tribute band and tour the casino curcuit...although we have no problem with Air supply, we definately want to keep playing our own tunes.





The blow-out of the century is happening in Stevens Point this Friday night (Sept 1st) at the Mission Coffee House. Doors open at 7PM. The legendary bass man Luke makes a valiant return for one final show with Tree of Woe before going back underground (AKA Chiropractic school in St. Louis). Come out to see Luke lay down the bass like no ones business.

We are playing with some great bands. We'll be going on first so be there early! Here are the other bands who will be ready to lay down fine original tunes:

Shattered Red
Rojo Diablo

Please come out to the show! It's only a mere $6 to get in; you can't even get into a movie (okay maybe a matinee) for that price. Let's face it folks, movies aren't even interactive and they don't take their shirts off at your whim. They also won't do crushing judo demonstrations like Luke will when he sends out a sonic power kick.




Greetings from the Tree of Woe!
You haven't heard from us in a while but we wanted to talk about some of the cool things on the "horizon".  We have a slew of new material to test out on you sometime soon (5-10 new songs).  We have some radio appearances in the works also.  We've ignored a lot of our acoustic music in the past in favor of playing the full blown electric thing, so look for some acoustic appearances this summer and shows this fall as we look for a bass player.  We've had a huge positive response to our acoustic music over the years so we may go in that direction, or meet somewhere in the middle depending on how long we can go without stretching the legs on our dusty mesa amps and drum kit!
Keep checking back and feel free to send us a message on www.myspace/treeofwoe so we know all is well!  Also wish Tristan and Adam luck in their journey's to London and Thailand!!!  I don't have anything special going on, so I guess I'll find solace in my 6 string.
We'll see you soon.



Hey everyone,

Thanks to all the people that came out to our show in Lacrosse, playing to a sellout crowd of over 400 people who were hungry for great music was unbelievable. Also thanks to Caroline Spine for giving us the honor to share the stage with them! We hope to get to the Lacrosse area soon to meet all of you once again.

We are going to be looking for a new bass player as Luke is moving out of the state to attend Chiropractic School. Maybe the next time you see him it will be "Dr. Luke"!! We are going to miss him dearly as he's been the greatest friend and band mate, but Tree of Woe must move on in the hopes of doing music full time so if your interested in playing bass for us, let us know, were going to be looking for someone to play the next 2-3 months. For more info just email one of us or message us on MySpace.

We'll probably be playing atleast 1-3 more shows throughout WI/MN before we take some time off to get our new stuff down and find a new bass player!

Thanks again for all your support!!!

-Tree of Woe


Greetings fine personages!

    We are going to be opening for Caroline's Spine and 11 Mile Climb at Loons in La Crosse, WI on Saturday, March 25 @ 8pm. We will be doing a special acoustic performance. This is going to be a great show. Make sure to make it out!

We're SO Serious!

2-20-2006 - Thanks!

Greetings fine personages!

    Thanks to those who came on Friday.  We had a good time drinking premium coffee and performing audio delights.

    We are taking some time off to work on new material.  We'll be adding dates in the near future.  Keep checking back for the next leg of the "Tour of Fury"


2-6-2006 - Great Shows!

Greetings high and mighty music supporters!

We'd like to thank all of you who have been following our shows this last month. You've made our Tour of Fury a success! We shall hopefully be back in your areas again soon!

We have two exciting shows coming in Stevens Point and Oshkosh. Details are listed below:

Tree of Woe, Elf Lettuce
Thursday, February 9th
Clark Place
Stevens Point, WI
Doors open at 9:00 p.m.

Tree of Woe, Bearing Black
Friday, February 17th
The New Moon Cafe
Oshkosh, WI
Doors open at 7:30 p.m.

We've also added our new song, Belong, to our MySpace page. Click here to
Add us as a friend!

Many more announcements are on their way! Stay tuned for updates on our music video...


1-30-2006 - Great Shows!

Greetings fine Ladies and Gentlemen

Thanks so much for the two great shows last weekend.  We'd like to thank Jordan from the Mission, Aaron from The Club and all of you that came to our shows Saturday!  We felt a huge energy surge while on stage!  We hope to make it back soon to both venues! 

We're looking forward to our show coming up in the Madison/Janesville area at Big E's Beach Club in Edgerton so come hang out with us if you can!


1-23-2006 - Listen to 'Belong' on MySpace.com!

Hello Everyone, 

Go check out our MySpace page!  We just added 'Belong' from our album Mushroom Cloud.  Go take a listen and Add us as a friend!

We are playing two shows this weekend!  We will be playing at the Mission Coffee House for the annual Mission Benefit this Friday, January 28th at 6:30PM.  They are holding this benefit to raise funds to upgrade their equipment and facilities.  Come out and show your support for local music!

We are very excited to be opening for Patterns In Static (Milwaukee) at a new venue called The Club.  The Club is located at 1007 Ellis St. only blocks from historic downtown Stevens Point.  The show will be starting at 8:30pm; also on Friday, January 28th.  Be a trooper and see both of our shows! As a bonus incentive we will be giving out free stuff to people who show up for both shows!

We are also excited to announce that we are beginning the story boarding phase of our music video this week. We are working with some killer friends at UW-Stevens Point to make something great for you! Check in often as the details unfold! - DA KRUNK TOW WRECKING CREW


1-17-2006 - Thanks from TOW

Hello Everyone,  We'd like to thank everyone who came out to our 3 shows this last week.  We are really pumped to be able to talk to everyone after the shows and try to deliver music that is hopefully unique and fresh to the music scene.  We appreciate everyone that supports our music and hope to continue to keep bringing you Tree of Woe for quite some time.   We are also teaming up with a fellow student at UWSP who will direct and film our first music video, if you would like to be a part of this video, please email one of us as we'll need probably 30 people in our performance part of it!.  Keep checking back for more updates and shows!!  -Austin

1-12-2006 - IMPORTANT Misprint in Post-Crescent

We'd like to thank Post-Crescent for the wonderful little article they printed about us in today's paper!  However; there was a misprint; our show in Oshkosh at the New Moon is still on Friday We're sure New Moon has a great show on Saturday as well, but we will not be there!  We're working on a device that will allow us to play at two venues simultaneously, but it hasn't been finished!  Boo Hoo!


1-10-2006 - So this is the New Year?

Two shows are coming up this weekend and we can barely handle the excitement!  We're just about to explode with passion!

Make sure to check out our little acoustic ditty  tonight at the New Moon Cafe in Oshkosh; no one even knows about it!  Little known fact: the translation of "Oshkosh" has been lost for centuries but scholars maintain that it means "Adam's Mighty Fist." 

On a more serious note we would like to state a scientific fact: People who don't come to at least one of this weekends' shows have a 53% greater chance of spontaneously combusting!  Why take the risk?


12-23-2005 - FROM THE GROUND UP/Plans

Noble-men and Noble-ladies!

We, the collective four who complete the Tree of Woe, want to send a big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to our show at From the Ground Up. We had a tremendous time blasting you with epic waves of sound!

We will be taking the next couple weeks off as we begin to work on new material, and our next show will be at The New Moon Cafe in far off land of Oshkosh. Keep your eyes and ears open because we have some live video footage coming soon, and this spring we will begin shooting our first music video!



Ladies and Gents!

Though we appear to be stagnant we are honing a new sound in our concrete mattress padded lab.  We are lurking in the shadows ready to strike a TERRIBLE BLOW with 1000 watts of TUBE BRUTALITY.

The Mission show was, as the Polish say, a barrel o' fun and we'd like to thank them for their gracious invitation.  We are looking forward to unleashing a terrible beast on December 16th in Wisconsin Rapids at From the Ground Up with a few friends to be announced.  Grab your coat and top hat to join us on a musical journey of joy and SORROW.

In the meanwhile, gas up your phat ride and head out to see our good friend Jimmy Newquist with Jenny Labow.  Jimmy is playing three dates in Wisconsin; tonight (Thursday) in Appleton, tomorrow (Friday) in Madison and Saturday in La Crosse.  Take it from us; these will not be shows soon forgoten!  Jimmy Newquist has made the epic journey all the way from Arizona to rock yoru socks off!  For more details you can check out http://www.7thkid.com


11-15-2005 - MISSION!

Ladies and Gents!

Thanks to everyone who came to Emy J's on Saturday.  We were pumped to see so many of you; and we apologize to those who could not fit in the room!

Come to the Mission!!!!!!  November 26th!  Bring your grandparents!  We're pumped to rock out with our acoustic tools of FURY.


11-11-2005 - Acoustic Shows Galore/Return to Mission

Ladies and Gents!

We will be playing a few acoustic shows coming up.  We will be playing at Emy J's on Saturday, Nov. 12.  Come down for a free show and cheap ice cream!

We are super pumped to be playing at the Mission Coffee House once again.  Please come out and support your local music scene.

Also, our friends at CD Baby have teamed up with corporate giant Best Buy and are now making it easy for you to search 1000s of indie CDs from bestbuy.com!  Go check it out!


10-13-2005 - New Newer News that's NEW

Gee whiz grandma, we've been busy booking shows and writing new material, but we have lots of shows coming this fall so check out the shows page or pay a TERRIBLE PRICE.

We've also had some video footage taken (courtesy of "video hero" Christian) this weekend in the Tree of Woe rehearsal space (our 1930's vintage rehearsal area lined with more mattresses than the mob has ever had), soon we'll have some video's online you can check out of us performing at very high decibels (with low riding zuba pants). Hope to see everyone soon at our upcoming shows!!


9-9-05 - Show at Main Stage to be rescheduled!


We're going to be rescheduling our show in Green Bay for October.  We apologize for the inconvenience!


Also, we have determined the location of our show on State Street.  We will be playing at the end of State Street on the stage by the Memorial Library.  We hope to see all of you there!





9-7-05 - New show added in Madison this Sunday!


We're excited about this weekend's shows!  TAKE NOTICE!  Saturday we will be playing in Green Bay at the Main Stage.  Sunday we will be playing on State Street in Madison at the triathlon.  The show starts at 3pm. 


This is also a special weekend because it is Silik's valiant return after an absence from the regional scene.  Please make it out on Sunday to see the epic return of our good friends; not to mention one of Wisconsin's finest bands.





8-30-05 - Please request Blind on Solid Rock 104.9


Solid Rock 104.9 in Stevens Point has begun to spin BLIND from our new album Mushroom Cloud.  Make sure to give them a call and tell them you want to hear BLIND!





8-27-05 - Thanks Everyone!


We'd like to thank everyone that came out (wow, there were alot of you). We'd also like to thank The Blaze 104.1 for putting on a great event, No Address (awesome), Deaf Pedestrians (new friends from the great state of Texas), and Rojo Diablo (those guys just rip, we'll be hooking up shows with them soon).


THANKS AGAIN! We look forward to seeing you all in Green Bay, WI


- T.O.W


8-26-05 - DON'T FORGET! T.O.W. with No Address TONIGHT!


Tree of Woe will be kicking it off at 8:30pm tonight! Be there!





8-23-05 - Tree of Woe will open for No Address at The

Blaze 104.1 Show!


   It's official; we've been asked by our friends at The Blaze to open for No Address (Atlantic Records), Deaf Pedestrians, and Rojo Diablo this Friday, August 26th at Dome Sports in Cedar Creek/Mosinee, WI (across the street from the new indoor water park. CLICK HERE FOR A MAP!).  Tree of Woe plays at 8pm and tickets are only $10.41 and are available at Inner Sleeve Records in Wausau and Radio KAOS in Stevens Point!


   Please come out and show your support!  This show is going to be colossal!  Make sure to pick up your tickets in advance because they're going fast!


Dome on the Range


608 Creske Ave
Mosinee, WI 54455
Phone: (715) 241-7264


8-15-2005 - New Shows Added


Hello Everyone!


    We just added some new shows.  Go to our Shows Section to check them out!  We're looking forward to hitting the gas hard this fall to bring you some live music!



8-9-2005 - Check out Indie911.com


Calling all Tree of Woe fans,

Please check out Tree of Woe's new web page at indie911.com! Feel free to post a message letting us know what you think of the site and our music. We love to hear from you.

Just follow this link:


Tree of Woe


8-2-2005 - New Shows will be Posted Soon!


Hi Everyone!

I'd like to thank all of you who have made it out to our last few shows. People like you provide a lot of encouragement to musicians. Let us know how you are doing by posting on our message board. We like to hear from you.

Right now we are in the process of putting together of a mad tour of Wisconsin during the fall! So check our web site within the next few weeks for shows in your area.

For those of you who haven't heard our new album, Mushroom Cloud, it is now available on bandmecca.com, cdbaby.com, and itunes. Visit the media secion of our web site for a sample song.

Till next time,

Tree of Woe